Extreme Moisturizing, 2,000 THB
( 60 Minutes )
A delightful aromatic blend of pure essential oils, neroli and lavender essential oil repair and nourish, while regulating your skin’s delicate moisture balance.  An aromatic massage treatment suited for all skin types.

Skin Recovery, 2,000 THB
( 60 Minutes )
Desensitize for visible improvement! Creamy and gently alleviating skin mask that calms your skin with a select combination of zinc oxide and shea butter. To diffuse redness and soothe irritation for a calm, smooth appearance.

Less Oil More Grace, 2,200 THB
(60 Minutes)
This kaolin based treatment is designed to deep- clean and clarify the skin. Exfoliation techniques leave your skin perfectly balanced. This combination mask helps to purify your skin, control T - Zone oiliness and provides a radiance and rejuvenated look.

Age Defying, 2,500 THB
(60 Minutes)
Exclusive, Anti-aging freeze – dried treatment. with a blend of oligosaccharides, pure French seaweed extract, phyto – squalane and elastin peptides. This powerful treatment helps prevent premature slackening, reduce wrinkles and delivers hydrate and tightening benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of age. Your skin will look smooth, clear and wonderful refreshed.

Nourishing Mini Facial, 1,200 THB
( 30 Minutes )
An instant treatment as needed for your facial renewal