After Sun Recovery , 1,200 THB
( 40 Minutes )
The perfect moisture body mask will ease any pain and help the skin healing process

Ocean Salt Scrub , 1,200 THB
( 40 Minutes )
A body scrub with sea salt and essential botanical oil to sooth and nourish your skin

Pure Honey Scrub , 1,200 THB
( 40 Minutes )
Using the purest and natural forest honey and oatmeal to keep your skin glow and healthier looking

Detoxifying Scrub, 1,200 THB
( 40 Minutes )
A full body scrub using a blend of coffee with a pure moisturizing to detoxifying and leave your skin smoothes as silk.


Soothing Milk Bath , 700/800 THB
( 30 Minutes )
Your sense will be infused with the scent of erssential oil, milk serves as a gentle skin exfoliant and body moisturizer while honey is skin regenerating.

Citrus Energizing Bath , 700/800 THB
( 30 Minutes )
Breathe in the fresh scent and feel yourself come to life. The light aroma invokes your sense and boosts your body ‘s energy level and a natural skin care. Citrus essential oil will help to balance moods and decrease cellulite.

Ginger Herbal Bath , 700/800 THB
( 30 Minutes )
Cleanse the body, relax the mind and provides extra support to various systems of the body. A ginger bath is a way to sweat all those nasty toxins out of your body, wonderfully in treating common cold and flu symptoms.

Steam Therapy , 500/600 THB
( 30 Minutes )
A relaxation element to ease your stress and clear your mind, recover muscle soreness, boost the immune system and the quickest way to detoxify.