Tom Yum Massage Ritual, 2,200 THB
( 90 Minutes )
Putahracsa ‘s signature treatment designed to combine only natural ingredients used in ancient times as spa remedies and are now re discovered in our spa with new techniques. Lemongrass is a natural skin toner that exfoliates and purifies while leaving the skin energized. A massage with a warm sea sand pouch, infused with lemongrass and kaffir lime oil stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscles soreness.

The Putahracsa Lava Massage, 2,000 THB
( 90 Minutes )
Based on traditional ayuraveda care fused with asian techniques using pure natural ingredients that are melted from hot massage candles, stimulating blood circulation, relieve from the daily stress and promote the elasticity of your skin as well preventing the oxidation of the skin.

Earth Stone Massage , 2,000 THB
( 90 Minutes )
A rebalanced massage combining hands and heated black basalt stones carfully applied to key points on your body to achieve perfect harmony.

Purifying Massage , 1,400/1,600 THB
( 60/90 Minutes )
An essential oil rejuvenating massage to relax and sooth you.

Energizing Massage , 1,400/1,600 THB
( 60/90 Minutes )
A wonderful botanical oil massage to relieve aches, pain and strains especially for those who prefer a strong massage.

Stress Relief Massage, 1,000 THB
( 45 Minutes )
Enjoy a complete back, neck and shoulder massage using deep tissue techniques combined with muscular release balm to ease tension and relax the muscles.

Traditional Thai Massage , 900/1,200 THB
( 60/90 Minutes )
Deep tissue and stretching techniques to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness.

Refreshing Foot Massage , 700 THB
( 45 Minutes )
Begin with warm foot soak and herbal foot scrub, a wonderful way to de-stress before a relaxing foot massage.

Add On: Herbal Compress , 500 THB
( 30 Minutes )
This herbal therapy has a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and mind, soothing overworked muscles. A selection of therapeutic herbs wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied to the body.